Wind Gap mother invites entire neighborhood for family Easter egg hunt

Wind Gap mother invites entire neighborhood for family Easter egg hunt
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Danielle Gennusa could give the Easter Bunny a run for his money.

For 19 years, Gennusa and her family have opened their Wind Gap home — and yard — to provide a neighborhood egg hunt before¬†Easter for as many as 40 families.

She’s lost track of the number of plastic Easter eggs she fills each year, but it’s enough that her lawn is covered and it takes three storage bins to hold all the empty eggs until the next year’s hunt.

With three grown children, Gennusa said 2015 would be the last she’d host.

Meeting the neighbors

Gennusa, a nurse at DeFranco Elementary School in Upper Mount Bethel Township, said she started the egg hunt as a way to meet her neighbors.

“I was homesick and lonely,” Gennusa said of moving from Long Island, N.Y., to Wind Gap without any family nearby.

“I came from a big family with lots of commotion,” she said. “My house (here) was always empty and I wanted it filled.”

She and her husband Joe got the township to block off streets so the kids could run and play with sidewalk chalk. She cleared out her garage to set up a table, laden with baked goods and hot coffee for the adults. She bought plastic eggs — lots of them — a…………… continues on

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