Lincoln tissue mill finishes nearly $10 million in improvements

Lincoln tissue mill finishes nearly $ 10 million in improvements
News from Bangor Daily News:

LINCOLN, Maine — The startup last month of a new $ 6 million turbine and condenser system leaves Lincoln Paper and Tissue LLC a nearly self-sufficient electricity generator, capping nearly $ 10 million in improvements undertaken over the last year, its co-owner said Monday.

Mill co-owner Keith Van Scotter said it was difficult to determine whether the tissue manufacturing plant has recovered from a smelt water explosion in a chemical recovery boiler in November 2013.

The destruction of the boiler

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Will Lynch be damaged goods
News from Politico:

The day Loretta Lynch begins her new job as attorney general, everyone’s going to remember one thing: the way her broad support in both parties cratered over an immigration fight that had nothing to do with her.

What started as a noncontroversial nomination, cheered by Democrats and welcomed by at least some Republicans, has deteriorated into a four-month drama as the well-regarded New York prosecutor has become collateral damage in the fight over President Barack Obama’s immigration executive actions. Obama has even accused Republicans of holding her “hostage” to other issues.

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At this point, it’s unlikely that Lynch will get a confirmation vote until after the Senate’s Easter recess. And when it does happen, there’s no guarantee she’ll get any more than the bare minimum number of votes to win confirmation. Not even Eric Holder began his term with a vote as narrow as Lynch is likely to get.

Can she avoid being seen as damaged goods?

If Lynch is confirmed with a Senate vote that barely gets her over the finish line — or with Vice President Joe Biden casting the tie-breaking…………… continues on Politico

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