High-value shippers fly above Portland’s container shipping fray

High-value shippers fly above Portland’s container shipping fray
News from OregonLive.com:

While the imminent departure of Hanjin Shipping Co. puts a severe dent in the Port of Portland’s containerized trade, it won’t affect companies that ship some of the state’s most valuable products. Semiconductors, computer equipment, medical devices and other high-value items move primarily by air these days.

“At a high level, will it really affect us? No,” said Jason Willey, investor relations director at Hillsboro’s FEI Corp.

The company doesn’t expect a customer to wait three or four weeks for a focused ion-beam system to cross the ocean and clear customs. “A good portion of the tools we manufacture and ship from Hillsboro are time-sensitive deliveries for our customers,” Willey said.

The port says the most valuable things that come to or go from Portland by sea are autos and agricultural products, from wheat to logs. But highly engineered computer product and other technical equipment flies in and out of the region’s airports.

Air cargo costs more to ship, but manufacturers pay for it because speedy deliveries are essential. And, in some cases, the…………… continues on OregonLive.com

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New import rules for Cuba represent historic change
News from MiamiHerald.com:

For the first time in more than a half-century, a U.S. company will be allowed to hire private Cuban workers to provide services and to import some products from independent Cuban entrepreneurs.

As part of its evolving Cuba policy, the United States released rules Friday on the types of goods and services that may be imported from Cuba’s selft-employed sector. The new rules went into effect immediately.

“This is another measure intended to support the ability of the Cuban people to gain greater control over their own lives and determine their country’s future,” the State Department said.

As part of the move by the United States and Cuba to renew diplomatic ties, the Obama administration announced new trade and travel rules last month to make it easier to do business with Cuba. The release of the import regulations by the State Department was the latest step in that direction.

But forget the artisanal cigars, home brew or even refurbished vintage cars. Tobacco, spirits and machinery are among the exceptions not eligible for import under the new rules.

Prepared food and beverages, textile and textile articles and animal pr…………… continues on MiamiHerald.com

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