Custom-made party supplies a big business for Super Bowl fans

Custom-made party supplies a big business for Super Bowl fans
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From colored popcorn to custom-made invitations to margarita machines, the Super Bowl is more than just a time to sit and watch the game.

Retailers in the party-supply industry said between New Year’s Day and Valentine’s Day, they prepare their shelves for the “Super Bowl holiday.”

“We are ramping up the Valentine’s stuff, but (the Super Bowl) is one of those in-betweeners that we do get quite a few people come in, getting stuff,” said David Hodges, owner of Party Plus Warehouse.

The store at 6520 University Ave. has balloons, cups, plates and streamers featuring this year’s Super Bowl contenders’ logos.

“It will be gone by this weekend I imagine,” Hodges said. “We’ve got the balloons and the (themed) Super Bowl stuff — we also have the teams that we wish were there. We have your regular colors: navy blue, green and red. We have those colors all the time.”

Kandice Matsler, owner of Barque, said her store at 4505 98th St. can get busy in the middle of January with customers requesting custom-made invitations.

“We have done custom … we’ve done all kind of things,” Matsler said. “Things that look like pennants. We’ve done things shaped like a football. We’ve done some with photos of families tailgating.”

Matsler said she also offers to custom print foam cups for Super Bowl parties.

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