Kids’ Birthday Parties Have Become Absurdly Extravagant. Here’s How We Let It …

Kids’ Birthday Parties Have Become Absurdly Extravagant. Here’s How We Let It …
News from Slate Magazine:

Illustration by Robert Neubecker

The Internet outrage of the week is the tale of 5-year-old British boy Alex Nash, whose dad RSVP’d on his behalf for a pal’s birthday party at a local ski and snow resort, only to discover his son preferred to keep a previously scheduled visit with grandparents instead. As a result, little Alex was a no-show without notice at the celebrations. The furious mom of the birthday celebrant quickly sent the Nash family an invoice for 15.95 pounds—about $ 24—to cover the cost of his nonappearance.

The angry Nashes took their case to social media, and the contretemps quickly went international. At the Nashes’ hometown paper, the Plymouth Herald, 87 percent of readers…………… continues on Slate Magazine

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The 5-year-old boy who missed a birthday party — and got a $ 25 invoice and a …
News from Washington Post:

January 20

It’s a situation faced by countless parents trying to manage a child’s frenetic schedule. Things get frazzled, kids get double-booked, feelings inevitably hurt. And, usually, the matter is dropped. But this time, for one confused family in the southern United Kingdom, it wasn’t.

This is the story of one 5-year-old boy, a missed birthday p…………… continues on Washington Post

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