Attacks on police forced tear gas use in Ferguson, officer says

Attacks on police forced tear gas use in Ferguson, officer says
News from Los Angeles Times:

As another night of peaceful protests over the police killing of an unarmed black man devolved into confrontation and confusion, the Missouri State Highway Patrol officer in charge of law enforcement in this St. Louis suburb said attacks on police prompted the decision to fire tear gas and begin arresting those who defied orders to disperse late Monday night.

Officers heard gunfire and shots were fired at their vehicles, he said. Plastic water bottles were thrown at police staging areas. And a large group of protesters advanced on officers, Capt. Ron Johnson said in an interview with CNN early Tuesday. 

During the melee, two protesters were shot, apparently by some in the crowd, he said.

“There becomes a balance on how long do we wait and if we wait too long …we do not have an opportunity to address that issue. So it becomes a balance.”

“That was not part of our plan,” he said of the decision to use force to try to scatter the protesters.

Johnson was brought in after a massive, militarized police response in the early days after the Aug. 9 killing of 18-year-old Michael Brown backfired and enraged the protesters.

He said he still favors a more peaceful approach but would not shrink from other tactics as needed.

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Israelis, Palestinians Resume Talks on Gaza Deal
News from ABC News:

Palestinian and Israeli negotiators in Cairo are trying to hammer out a roadmap for the Gaza Strip after Egypt announced a 24-hour extension of the cease-fire to allow more time for the talks.

The extension of the truce fanned hopes of an emerging deal, however vague, though wide gaps remain.

Palestinian delegate Qais Abdel-Kareem says discussions resumed on Tuesday morning on key issues, including Israel’s blockade of Gaza, its demands for Hamas’ disarmament and Palestinian demands for a Gaza port and airport.

Palestinian ambassador to Cairo, Jamal Shoback, says the Israelis have proposed arrangements that are about “not (fully) removing the blockade but easing it.”

The Gaza war killed more than 1,900 Palestinians, most of them civilians, while Israel lost 67 people, all but three of them soldiers.

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