LIFE WELL LIVED: Friends, family mourn ‘life of the party’

LIFE WELL LIVED: Friends, family mourn ‘life of the party’
News from Cherry Hill Courier Post:

Joe Cooney, Courier-Post 6:36 p.m. EDT July 23, 2014

About a half-hour after Harvey Levin died July 13, his family received a phone call from Cooper University Medical Center in Camden, where he had been admitted the week before with terminal cancer.

“They said he was a match for a person who needed new corneas,” daughter Hana Stein recalled Monday at Levin’s Cherry Hill home.

“He wasn’t an organ donor, but of course we said yes. So now a bit of him still lives in somebody else.”

If it’s true the eyes are the windows to the soul, the recipient of Levin’s organs will share the spirit of a man who is reflected in a Jewish meditation prayer:

“Let it not be said that life was good to (him), but, rather, that (he) was good to life.”

Levin, from all accounts, was good to life. He served in the Navy, was a longtime Shriner and volunteer for the Shriners Hospital for Children. For years, he also worked on the annual Variety Club Telethon, which ran on Channel 6 from the late 1960s to 1989.

Levin was buried July 16. As is Jewish traditio…………… continues on Cherry Hill Courier Post

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Baby cakes: ‘Smash’ trend taking 1-year-old parties by storm
News from WFLA:

Legions of parents have embraced the smash cake, a birthday party feature in which brand-new 1-year-olds are served cakes to destroy — adorably — in front of friends and family.

“Typically when you have a smash cake, you have two cakes,” Rachel Florio-Urso, a celebrity baby trend expert, told “You have one for the adults, and they get to eat it with a nice fork and a knife, and then you have one for your little one, and you just get to put them right on their high-chair tray and let them have fun with it.”

While she might not have invented the trend, Florio-Urso has used it for four of her children. “Actually, for my first-born, I just allowed her to smash right into the big cake [for adults],” she said with a laugh.

And bakeries have gotten in on the trend as well. Since Queen of Cakes opened in Edina, Minnesota about 10 years ago, Terri Leckas’ bakery has been giving away free, smaller “Teeny Cakes” to adults who also buy larger cakes to celebrate babies’ first birthdays.

“For a jungle animal theme, we’ll make a little Teeny Cake that will match,” Leckas told “Maybe, it’s got a little tiger face on it.”

She noted that the trend is more popular than ever, especially since parents are demanding larger smash cakes that work…………… continues on WFLA

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