Reveal parties let expectant parents find out child’s gender with friends, family

Reveal parties let expectant parents find out child’s gender with friends, family
News from Buffalo News:

They were thinking boy.

When Meghan and Adam Plunkett invited friends and family to their Niagara Falls home not long ago for a party to unveil the gender of the child they are expecting this fall, they were pretty certain that blue would carry the day.

The couple even asked guests to dress in clothing that said which gender they were rooting for.

“Most of the people showed up in blue,” said Meghan Plunkett, 26. “I think there were nine of us in pink.”

Then the couple cut into the cake. And, when the first slice revealed frosting that was pink between the cake layers, the Plunketts learned that – unless sonogram technicians and bakery workers have been very, very wrong – in a few months they will welcome a baby daughter.

“It’s a girl!” said Meghan. “It was a surprise.”

The Plunketts’ party is one example of a new kind of baby-centered celebration: a “gender reveal” party. At these gatherings, held before a baby is born, guests find out whether an expectant couple will be having a baby boy or girl. The trend is happening in Western New York and around the country and, by most accounts, is growing in popularity.

At some of the parties – such as that thrown by the Plunketts, who found out along with their family and friends at the moment of the cake-cutting – the gender of the baby is even a surprise for the parents-to-be.<…………… continues on Buffalo News

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Viewpoints: Republican Party should be the rightful home for immigrants
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When my father, Henry Nehring, became an American citizen in 1967, he joined the Republican Party. For him, it was an easy decision. He came to America in search of freedom and opportunity. Like many other immigrants he saw the GOP as the most committed to the principles that brought him here and that made America distinct from the “old country.”

To earn the support of California’s immigrant communities, the Republican Party must now reassert its position as, first and foremost, the party of freedom and opportunity.

As the son of immigrants, I have a special reason for believing that immigration is a positive force for America. That includes immigration from countries to our south.

People want to come here because the promise of our nation is opportunity, prosperity and personal security. By contrast, no one seems very interested in moving to Venezuela, Cuba or North Korea.

Most immigrants from Mexico and Central America come here to escape poverty, lack of opportunity and, often, violence and lawlessness – not to get on the public dole. It is human nature to look for ways to escape despair, whether it was people fleeing Eastern Europe during the Cold War, or those looking for a better life from elsewhere in our hemisphere.

Republican focus on restoring order to our borders is the right policy, but at times it’s come…………… continues on Sacramento Bee

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