Romney disses ‘binders full of women’, single parents

Romney disses ‘binders full of women’, single parents
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>> let’s get right to our fanl. we’re joined by the author goldie taylor and kr yichltystal ball. i have to start by saying, i love you, binders. so, he’s — mr. romney ‘s comment about binders has produced thousands of — there’s a website called and can you click on that and see how mitt romney appointed 19 judges while governor in massachusetts . two of them were women . maybe he had binders full of women but he didn’t want them in his courts.

>> he considered them but they didn’t get the job. the thing that’s amazing is even the anecdote about the binders full of women , isn’t not even true. he didn’t go out and say, i need more women . there was a women ‘s group called mass gap , massachusetts gap, who put together a list of highly qualified women who were going to push whoever was elected governor to a point where women — whether it was romney or his opponent. so, after he won the election, they gave it to him. it’s not like he went out looking for them. i can’t understand. you can’t even come up with one true anecdo…………… continues on

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