Obama, Romney blitz through swing states as campaigns near the finish line

Obama, Romney blitz through swing states as campaigns near the finish line
News from Washington Post:

AMES, Iowa – Mitt Romney stepped up his bid to strip President Obama of the popular attributes that propelled his candidacy four years and claim them as his own, casting himself in a formal speech here as an agent of change who would govern as a post-partisan president.

Saying the nation is at a critical juncture, the Republican nominee repeated his newest campaign mantra – that he would usher in “real change” – and summoned Americans to shift course to meet the challenges the country faces.


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Sandy will be historic storm, southern New England could still see major event
News from Boston.com:

Next three days
The weather today and Saturday looks very nice with sunshine and just a few clouds. Afternoon temperatures will rise well into the 60s. On Sunday skies will turn cloudy and rain and drizzle will begin late, most of the day will be dry. It will still be mild Sunday and there will be some humidity in the air especially south of Boston.

Latest thinking
This afternoon the American models are bringing the storm into southern New England a worse case scenario for us. However, the hurricane models take the storm into the area around the New Jersey shoreline. This can still change and the official hurricane center track could wobble hundreds of miles north. Over the weekend the track will become even better refined. Right now, the models are forecasting 5-10″ of rain from this storm. Some heavy rain could move into our area and flooding would be a possibility. The models can have huge swings even three days before a big event like this so be prepared for changing forecasts through the weekend. Notice the chart below that shows just how inaccurate the models can be a few days before a storm.

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