Inside story of Flacco’s wedding album

Inside story of Flacco’s wedding album
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Joe Flacco (Lloyd Fox, Sun photo)

September 22, 2011|By Matt Vensel, The Baltimore Sun

Within a couple of hours of picking up his first ring, Ravens quarterback Joe Flacco was back on a football field, a champagne bottle in his right hand and his bride and his groomsmen crouched down in front of him like hulking offensive linemen. Flacco barked out commands to his tuxedo-clad teammates as he waited for his new wife to toss him the bouquet from underneath her lacy white dress.

The steel bleachers at Audubon High School were empty, save for a f…………… continues on Baltimore Sun

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CHICAGO – Warm, hilarious, silly and especially honest, “Bridesmaids” is the best, knock-out comedy of the year. Kristen Wiig, Melissa McCarthy and Maya Rudolph lead a cast that proves you don’t need testosterone to do a funny, sometimes gross-out comedy. What’s necessary is character, timing, set-up and execution, and this wedding party has it all.

Whether watching the special “unrated” version or the theatrical release, Bridesmaids delivers the goods by tackling universal themes, and also dares to go into territories U.S. films rarely touch, such as psych-damaging depression and the class/wealth differences in America. This pathos fuels the comedy and the comedy expands in accordance with how the characters play all the emotions, particularly as we get to know them.

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